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You found my little corner of the internet, welcome!

It's me, your favorite nerdy cousin that knows a LOT about how deep conditioner works.


My early college years were spent waffling back and forth between the theatre and the lab bench, with my pipette and beakers eventually winning out. After receiving my Bachelor's in Biochemistry and Zoology in Colorado (cephalopods are are my fav, and I have a tattoo to prove it), I traveled to California to study Food Science and Technology, completing a Master's degree. 


From there, I worked with some very talented people to develop alternatives to animal protein that don't taste like the underside of a shoe. Then 2020 happened...and I think we  all remember how that went. That bulldozer of a year shook me up a bit, and made me take a second look at my first love. Performance. I set up a studio space in my home with my Rode NT1 mic, and dove in head first.


And I popped up here.  

My warm, mid-range sound delivers all the clarity, none of the stuffiness. My background in biotechnology has given me experience in making abstract concepts tangible, and I'm no stranger to words with lots of syllables.


My job has always been to take information and wrap it up in a story, and I'd love to do that with you.

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